Imperia Restaurant Pasta Machine



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Weight 10.3 kg
Imperia Restaurant Pasta Machine

Electronica, Manaule, Professional


The Imperia Manuale Pasta Machine is a favourite among restaurants because of its simplicity of operations.

Suitable for small to medium volumes, it rolls out pasta sheets between 210mm wide steel rollers. Supplied with clamp and handle the product is manufactured entirely in Italy.

Available with a series of cutters for different widths of pasta from spaghetti to fettuccine.

– Manual roller machine, dough width 220mm.
– Roller lenght 220 mm (width of sheet 210 mm).(9 inches), maximun roller opening 5 mm. (3/8 inches)
– Hardenes steel gears, precision centrea, special self-lubrificating bearings.
– Reduction gears to, minimize work, patented regulator knob, with 10 numbered thickness setting.
– Patented “Tigre” clamp for perfect grip to any table, output per hour: 12 kg approx.


Electronic machine speed control roller 220v.

Top of the range in Imperia’s Pasta Machine range, it is the Electronic which prepares a 210mm wide pasta sheet in 10 different thicknesses.

Rotation speed varies from 5 to 100rpm with a maximum opening of 5mm and an adjusting knob with 10mm head thickness settings.

We operate a service centre for all Imperia Commercial Pasta Machines and the turn around time for these products is always in priority.

Supplied with a 13amp plug.

Cutters are available on request, covering all types from spaghetti to fettuccine.


The pasta sheets are extruded through stainless steel rollers 210mm wide. The professional is fitted with a food safe handle, sring loaded. Press it down and the pasta production starts!

Available with a series of cutters for different pasta widths, from spaghetti to fettuccine.

We service all Imperia Commercial Pasta Machines. Supplied with a a13amp plug for 220 volts.

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