Elektra Coffee Machine Service


To discuss service issues please give us a call: 020 3188 7900.


Service For Your Elektra Coffee Machine.

Elektra produce the most beautiful coffee machines, both household and commercial. Production is entirely in Italy in the hands of the same  family since inception. So when service is needed, you must go to the experts.  AE Stanton are the most experienced and probably the only service centre in London caring for Elektra Household machines and our team has unrivalled experience, whether its a Belle Epoque or any of the other machines in this wonderful range.

We will always ask you for authorisation to replace  items not covered in the service price.

If you are sending the machine to us please make sure it is really packed well because we cannot be held responsible for transit damage. You don’t need  to send the filter holder and drip tray.


This is our Service Schedule

  • Unpack and inspect machine for damage
  • Photograph damage if necessary
  • Test machine for all functions including safety valve
  • Check for leaks
  • Electrical inspection
  • Remove, open and inspect and descale boiler
  • Remove and clean shower plate
  • Replace seals
  • Clean Solenoid valves where fitted
  • Inspect and clean sight glass
  • Back flush
  • Pressure Test Pump
  • Finally, tell you your machine is ready 


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