Ascaso Dream PID


The Dream PID sets a new standard for drink quality and design.
You can now set the temperature and size of your drink.
Milk is now prepared with a professional steam arm, cups can be warmed on the top of the machine and the pressure gauge tells you that the 20 Bar Pump is doing its job.




  • Design genius from Barcelona with many new features
  • Elegant wooden handles on Portafilter and Steam Knob 
  • Preset the temperature and size of your espresso with PID digital display.
  • Adjust the pressure to optimise extraction of your favourite coffee 
  • New precise pressure gauge and 20 Bar Pump
  • Heavy Duty  professional steam arm for perfect foaming 
  • Specially insulated Thermoblock for consistent temperature control 
  • Electric Built-in Cup Warmer and Illuminated water tank
Grind your beans with a matching Ascaso I Mini grinder.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 280 x 245 x 345 mm
Ascaso Dream PID

Sun Yellow, Anthracite, Kid Blue, Cloud White, Chocolat, Sweet Cream, Lila, Dark Black, Baby Pink, Pistaccio, Polished, Love Red, The Cow

Key Features

PID lets you set the temperature of your drink.

Professional 60 mm Brass Filter Holder

Active Cup warmer

Insulated Thermoblock

Volumetric Control for drink quantity

OPV Externally Adjustable Over-Pressure Valve

Stainless Steel, Multidirectional 360 Steam Arm, Heat Resistant, Easy to Clean

Wooden Handles on Portafilter and Steam tap

Illuminated Watertank

5 Filter Baskets, 2 Espresso 2 Pressurised 1 ESE Pods

Demo Video

Demonstration Video by AscasoFactory